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Case Studies


Powerful slides, shared online

Strong messages need to be paired with equally strong visuals. Pat Phelan had some strong messages for the Irish tech community – as well as a very special “one more thing” announcement – to be delivered at a conference so he came to us to get visuals that would hammer the message home.

The event itself was relatively small (circa 100 attendees), and it’s always advisable to try and get as much lifespan out of great messaging as possible so we advised that the slides be posted to Slideshare to get the presentation extra reach, and boy did we get extra reach. The slides made it to Slideshares “featured section” and to date the presentation has been viewed over 3,200 times!

Check out Pat’s presentation below.


Not your average press release

Kemp Technologies had just hired a superstar and wanted to let the tech world know it. Rather than going down the route of releasing a boring press release they decided a visual story delivered through the means of slideshare and got in touch with us to bring it to life.

Check out the results below.


Launching a national initiative