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The presentation on presentations!

Following on from my chat with Will, below is the mythical presentation on presentations. Hit me up on twitter if you have any questions! [slideshare id=38737593&doc=disruptors-140905052925-phpapp02]

I’m going to WASup Kerry and you should join me!

THE LOWDOWN (So this event was actually last year in 2014… but the points are still valid) WASUP (Wild Atlantic StartUP) is an organisation that puts on brilliant tech & entrepreneurship events around the county, predominantly on the West Coast. I’m...

Dublin Hardware Hackathon 2014, the Winners

This weekend DCU played host to, and PCH sponsored, a fantastic Hardware Hackathon. Over the course of just 2 and a quarter days a lot went on! Ideas were pitched, products were worked on, and presentations were given in front of an audience of industry pros. In case...