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(So this event was actually last year in 2014… but the points are still valid)

WASUP (Wild Atlantic StartUP) is an organisation that puts on brilliant tech & entrepreneurship events around the county, predominantly on the West Coast. I’m heading along to (and speaking at) their next event in Tralee, which will focus on Startups, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you should come too!

In an overly simplified explanation of things:

  • Oct 16th – Thurs eve – Pre-conference meetup/pints at a location TBD
  • Oct 17th – Friday – The conference itself with amazing speakers
  • Oct 17th – Friday eve – StartupGrind interview followed by a night out
  • Oct 18th – Sat – For those still around there is some sort of outdoorsy type event planned.

As WASup themselves say, the event is about “Embracing entrepreneurial mindsets from a range of disciplines and aligning this with local Culture… this is not a normal Startup event.”

Why you should go

There’s a lot going on outside Dublin.

And we need to get out and see it! The tech/entrepreneurship scenes in different cities and towns in Ireland are just as active, interesting and engaging as Dublin, but are also on a more human scale. Heading along to events like WASUP allows us to get a proper look at what’s going on all around the country and at the end of the conference you’ll have met new faces from new places and have new insights, connections and friends.

Small conferences beat big ones.

I’ve never really understood the whole bit about selling your conference on the fact it’s “BIG”. At the end of the day any one person is only going to be able to have a fairly limited amount of meaningful interactions with fellow attendees, so I don’t really care if 10,000 people are heading to some other event… Small conferences mean that you’ll actually end up meeting with and chatting with a really high % of attendees/speakers and feel part of a real community.

Outrageous value for money.

As it stands early bird tickets for the event are €20. Yes €20… So for the price of 4 pints (3 in Temple Bar) you’re getting access to a conference that has a world class lineup of experts in PR, Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing (and presentation design) to name but a few. Seems like a steal to me.

The lineup is still in the works, but already confirmed and speaking on the day will be:

  • Bernie Goldbach – Topgold
  • Christina Luminea – Thoughtbox
  • Edmond Harty – Dairymaster
  • Paul Hayes – BeachHut PR
  • Breda O’Dwyer – CEED
  • Lisa Maree Dominican – Grace App
  • Ian Lucey – Lucey Technology
  • Me – presentation stuff

And many, many more to be confirmed soon, I rattled the above off from memory, but you’ll get a better list over at their official site.

In addition to the main conference Darren Mulvihill (twitter) will be treating us to another quality StartupGrind Ireland interview with some of Kerry’s most famous entrepreneurs.


Tech chats and post-conference drinks at the last WASup event in Limerick

Here’s my plan… join me.

  • So the conference takes place on Friday, October 17th, but I’m planning on heading down a day early so I can make the pre-WASUP meetup that evening.
  • I haven’t made many/any firm plans but the 1pm train from Dub to Tralee would get us there for 5pm
  • Shane (twitter) and Karen (twitter), the organisers are working on getting us a good hotel rate at the Fels point hotel in Tralee (it looks fancy)
  • Friday will be conference day, which will kick all sorts of ass. Friday evening will see us have a great night out on the town.
  • Then on the Saturday we can hop on a train back to the big smoke, simples.

You in? You’re in… 

If you’re interested in heading along to the conference make sure to head over to here and get a ticket.

If you want to join together with cool people (and me) and take the train down to the Kingdom leave a comment below with your email and I’ll try and keep us all in the loop as to the plan! (Or send me a mail to

Finally, make sure you follow the WASup twitter account to get all the updates.

Update #1 – RE: Accommodation, WASUP organisers have said:

Our accommodation sponsor Fels Point Hotel are offering attendees of WASup Kerry 2014 a special nightly accommodation rate of EUR45pps or EUR65 for single occupancy for the nights of Thursday October 16th and Friday October 17th. This rate includes breakfast.

Fels Point is where the evening events for WASup will take place on Friday October 17th. To avail of this rate, please phone the hotel directly at 066 7199131 and let them know you are with WASup.